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Horion Interactive Smartboard

Horion 75M5A Interactive flat panel display


75M5A Interactive flat panel display (Smartboard)

Product specification

  1. Size: 75”
  2. Display: 4K resolution
  3. Operating System: Android 8
  4. CPU Architecture: ARM A73 + A53
  5. CPU Core: Quad Core
  6. GPU: Mali -G51
  7. RAM: 3GB DDR4
  8. Storage: 64GB
  9. Camera: 13 Megapixel
  10. Audio output: 10W * 2
  11. Touch: 20 Touchpoints
  12. OPS: slot available
  13. Excluding mobile stands

Available on backorder


Terms and conditions for interactive smartboards : Purchasing of the screen exclude the mobile stands

System Properties
• Equipped with Android 8.0 Smart OS and a unique interface design;
• 3GB internal cache + 64GB internal storage, for faster operating speeds

Exterior and Smart Touch
• Gun-color business appearance, four-corner arc design, safe and reliable; front USB interface that can be shared by dual systems, convenient operation;
• There are 2 USB ports available in the front of board which support dual operating system, and 1 Type-C port, which is convenient to operate;
• The distance between the tempered glass and the screen is close to 0, which can effectively prevent light reflection, the display effect and the writing experience are excellent;
• High-precision infrared touch frame, touch accuracy ±1mm, support 20-point touch, high sensitivity;
• With OPS interface, it can expand dual system; dual network port design can realize switch function;


Whiteboard Writing
• Support single-point and multi-point writing, writing with a pen tip, adding colored pen effects, etc., any channel and any interface can be annotated;
• Adopt 3.2mm AG anti-glare tempered glass, Mohs hardness level 7, better writing experience;

Conference & Training
• Built-in 13 Megapixel camera and 8-channel array microphone, making remote meetings more convenient and efficient;
• Built-in NFC function, with smart pen, the whiteboard function can be called up at any time;
• Built-in 2.4G/5.8G dual-band dual-network card, supports simultaneous use of wireless Internet access and WIFI hotspot, and the antenna adopts a front hidden design;
• Bluetooth function, which can wirelessly connect to Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones/stereos to transmit data; and supports wireless connect- ion with printing devices for printing;

Commercial Display
• High-definition image processing engine: image motion compensation, color enhancement processing, point-to-point precision display technology;
• Full-channel output function: output real-time images with high-definition, stable and low-latency to the expansion device;
• Horion conference central management to meet the needs of different scenarios

The Interface Distribution
• The right side of the back: HDMI-OUTSPDIFTouch-USBUSB2.0 USB2.0DPHDMI2HDMI1;
• The right lower side of the back :LAN1LAN2RS232Audio OUT PC-AudioVGA;
• The left side of the front: Public-USBPublic-USBType-C

Product Overview
• High precision of infrared touch frame,resolution by interpolation algorithm can be as high as 32767*32767;
• Supports Plug and Play;
• Supports 20 Points Infrared Touch;


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